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Monologue of the Indian Doctors…

I am not your God but I always think to take care of patients is my duty.As a doctor,today I am completely scared to be engrossed in daily hospital duty.In this corona situation, I am fighting in this battle to save all of you. Yes I am loyal to my work.But what is my mistake?Continue reading “Monologue of the Indian Doctors…”


Life is all about clothes, shelter and food.There are two categories of people first non-veg lovers and veg lovers.Non-veg lovers can get variety with meat,fish,egg but the people which are vegitarian loves paneer most but nobody knows about struggle or you can say difficulties in getting best paneer.The word paneer basically derived from the HindiContinue reading “HOW TO GET DELICIOUS PANEER AT HOME???HOW TO GET DELICIOUS PANEER AT HOME???”

Way to Kerala….

It’s Oscar Wilde who said that “ Live life with no excuses and travel with no regrets.”I still do remember that visit to Kerala.Me and my friends were not ready but once the plan is done,it is done. We have recently visited Kerala.We stayed at Kochi for a week and visited all sight’s.Kerala is aContinue reading “Way to Kerala….”

Unplanned visit to Panhala…

UNPLANNED VISIT TO PANHALA….As usual we all cousin came together in summer vacation at Granny’s house and that night suddenly we made a plan to visit On; Which is very close from our farm house.Panhala,a famous historical fort.The natural beauty of that fort was delightful.I would say that in my whole life that was theContinue reading “Unplanned visit to Panhala…”

Way towards Melghat…

sometimes people get bored to read others travelogue, but I must say if you want to be happy and experience every bit of the moment then start living now…As it is said that, “Yesterday was a history, tomorrow is the mystery and today is the gift for all of us that’s why it is calledContinue reading “Way towards Melghat…”

Secret of Happiness:- Donate your eyes and be immortal…

Just imagine what will happen if we won’t be able to see our loved ones?what?what happen? Are you scared?There are more than thousands of people are blind in our country.They are not able to see the beautiful world around them,people they love.The beautiful flowers,valleys,sunset,dancing waves of the oceans etc.They have only darkness in their life.Don’tContinue reading “Secret of Happiness:- Donate your eyes and be immortal…”

Art Make in India.

Want to decorate your home this Diwali with the craft made by our Indian Artisans?? So let’s take you on a journey into a unique world today.There are so many hard working Artisans who work under one roof named”Art Make in India.” Here you will get so many things which you need to decorate yourContinue reading “Art Make in India.”

आरोग्यं धनसंपदा….

आज कोरोना महामारीच्या काळात माणसाला कळून चुकलं आहे की आरोग्य हीच खरी मानवाची संपती आहे.आरोग्य ठीक तर सगळं काही ठीक.आज १००वर्षे वय असणारे वयोवृध्द कोरोनावर मात करताना दिसत आहेत तोच एकीकडे तरुणवर्ग कमजोर शक्तीमुळे आपले प्राण गमवत आहे.कधी विचार केला आहे का असे का घडत आहे? कारण पूर्वीचे लोक शेतात राबत आणि त्यामुळे त्यांचे आरोग्यContinue reading “आरोग्यं धनसंपदा….”

Kadha and today’s Indian..

Health has Paramount importance in the human life. In such pandemic situation people are now realising that good health is not only important today but also it will be tomorrow.Corona is a disease that can happen to anyone and to fight with it you just need to have a good immune system.For that everyone isContinue reading “Kadha and today’s Indian..”

झोपी गेलेला जागा झाला.

तशी मी लोकमान्य टिळकांची लहानपणापासूनच खूप मोठी भक्त आहे..सांगायचं झालं तर असं की जेव्हा कधी दादा जेवण करून उठला की आई नेहमी सांगायची जेवण झालं की तुझं आणि दादाचं ताट धुवून ठेव आणि माझं मात्र उत्तर ठरलेलं असायचं..टिळकांनी सांगितलं होतं की,”मी शेंगा खाल्ल्या नाहीत आणि मी त्याची टरफल उचलणार नाही.” आई समजून जायची की हीContinue reading “झोपी गेलेला जागा झाला.”

Masai Plateau- a place which is surrounded by green shawl.

Are you looking for a place close to Kolhapur and want to fall in love with scenic beauties ? Masai-Pathar might just be the place for you. You could take a private vehicle or a bus to get there. Just 25km away from Kolhapur resides Masai-Pathar a plateau endowed with wonderful sceneries and majorly knownContinue reading “Masai Plateau- a place which is surrounded by green shawl.”

How to lose Belly Fat??

In this beautiful world nobody is happy everyone has their own problems with which they are stuck. Food,clothes and shelter are the basic needs of all human beings but sometimes those need becomes problem for few one like overeating leads to weight gain and malnutrition due to lack of food and if you really wantContinue reading “How to lose Belly Fat??”


Sometimes things will definitely go wrong;just the lesson is important,How to deal with it or else Move on! Life is just giving a new turn to life of mine….Where nothing is important more than I…People will come and they will go,That’s none of my business,what shall I do??? I just got tired with this feelingContinue reading “BRUTUS YOU TOO….”

Secret Of Weight Gaining.

As we all know that neither weight gain happens overnight nor weight loss. We often think that people who are overweight are the victims of ridicule, but this is not true. People who are underweight are at the also top of the list.So if you are underweight then don’t be nervous and disappoint because weContinue reading “Secret Of Weight Gaining.”

Magic of intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is just a pattern of eating where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. It doesn’t say anything about which foods to eat, but rather once you should eat them. There are several different intermittent fasting methods, all of which split the day or week into eating periods and fasting periods.It isContinue reading “Magic of intermittent fasting.”

An Unplanned Visit To Aagashiv Mountain.

As a famous Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda said, ” If you do not travel if you do not read, if you do not listen to the sounds of life or if you do not appreciate yourself then simply you start dying slowly”. I always love to travel as we all know the corona pandemic isContinue reading “An Unplanned Visit To Aagashiv Mountain.”

World of CBD( Cannabidiol)Oil.

CBD oil is obtained from Cannabidiol & this oil is just a non-intoxicating extract of Marijuana.It is believed that this oil helps to treat pain,to reduce anxiety as well as it stimulates appetite as Marijuana does.A number of studies have shown that CBD oil is highly effective in treating anxiety, depression and stress in aContinue reading “World of CBD( Cannabidiol)Oil.”

Health & Kitto Diet

Today in such pandemic situation everyone is facing different problems and one of these problems is gaining weight while doing office work from home. Then people starts to think about diet plans to reduce it and KETO DIET is one of them. If you are trying to add any diet plan in your life styleContinue reading “Health & Kitto Diet”

चर्चा तर होणारच…!

मी खरंच कधीच कोणत्या पक्षाच्या विरोधात नव्हते कारण मला वाटायचं की संविधानाने सर्वांना मतदानाचा अधिकार दिलेला आहे आणि जनता ही स्वतः च्या अधिकाराचा वापर करून आपल्या पसंतीच्या उमेदवाराला मतदान करून निवडून देते.असं म्हटलं जातं की ” A stich in time saves nine. ” वेळीच घातलेला एक टाका हा होणाऱ्या संभाव्य हानी पासून नेहमीच रक्षण करतो.याContinue reading “चर्चा तर होणारच…!”

पत्र माझ्या छोट्या सोनपरीला🖋️

आज मी तुला ना उपदेश नाही देणार आहे,एक छोटीशी गोष्ट सांगणार आहे.छोटीशी परी होती;अशीच न कळत माझ्या आयुष्यात आली होती.आई जाण्याचं दुःख पचवणं मला कठीण झालं होत,ती आल्यानंतर दुःख कमी नाही झालं पण कुठे तरी तिच्या सोबत हसून खेळून मन शांत होऊ लागलं होतं. मी कधी या वर विश्वास नव्हता ठेवला पूर्व जन्म वगैरे याContinue reading “पत्र माझ्या छोट्या सोनपरीला🖋️”