Monologue of the Indian Doctors…

I am not your God but I always think
to take care of patients is my duty.
As a doctor,today I am completely scared to be engrossed in daily hospital duty.In this corona situation, I am fighting in this battle to save all of you. Yes I am loyal to my work.But what is my mistake? I don’t understand because if I save your loved ones,you all call me God and when that patient can’t respond to my treatment then you all get up to hit me.Today many of my companions are working for 24 hours for public service in this pandemic situation.But one simple thing you all are forgetting that my family is also waiting for me in my house.
If you all follow the rules of safety and stayed safe at home then I will finish my work here and I will be able to go my home.Even though I am a doctor just don’t forget that I am also a son,brother,husband or a father of my children too.As you all got I also got tired and felt homesick but I don’t have the courage to ask my mother to take me closer as your mother’s do;because when I came out of the house I left everything behind.
Today I am not going to tell you any grievance but just want to tell you I am also facing those problems which you all are facing and the only difference is you are secure at home but I am not.
In our society there is a perception that a patient is robbed under the guise of treatment but can you please try to think at least once? if I’ll come to buy something & as I saved your lives, will you reduce the price of the product?People insist that the doctor should provide the hospital service in less money but do I get those necessary equipment without any cost?Even though I started my hospital by taking loan,people which are mentally ill, try to break it.Just think once it is broken,is there anyone coming to compensate me? People who says doctors should do social service,did you ask them,what they are giving for free?
There are a lot of things to talk and ask but no answer for them.I just want to say I am not your God just think about me as a common man…

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