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Art Make in India.

Want to decorate your home this Diwali with the craft made by our Indian Artisans?? So let’s take you on a journey into a unique world today.
There are so many hard working Artisans who work under one roof named”Art Make in India.” Here you will get so many things which you need to decorate your house on Diwali.Art Make in India is the foundation where all the handmade things you will get at reasonable price.
It is said that,where there is a will there is a way and Shilpa Sharma, a middle class lady has proved that yes it’s true! She has done her graduation from SNDT University. She is passionate about Art; she has followed this as a business with great efforts.”YUGAL ART CREATION ” is her business where she not only makes but also designs products like handicraft wall clock,name plates with unique designs and themes like Peacock,Buddha and many more.She is also the founder of “AMI YUGAL PVT LTD”.This company has established in 13/4/17.The industry which started with investment of Rs 7000/- is now moving towards Rs 70 crore.
Shilpa Sharma is the founder of Art Make in India. This “AMI YUGAL PRIVATE LTD” runs an e-commerce website which is known as, where her aim is to gather Indian artisans and handicraft product manufacturer,to display their product on this website and market their products online on social platforms like Facebook,Instagram,twitter,Amazon,Flip kart etc. These products get sold in bulk at many corporate companies. If anyone want to know more about Art Make in India there is also another website is available; where every bit of news and information of handicraft is available.
Art Make in India is a platform where every artisan will get information and will become aware of benefits and availed by government to this sector and other help and support provided by government to them.So they can reap this benefits.
Art Make in India foundation is a non-profit organization focused on enhancing livelihoods of rural artisans,they provide market linkages to Indian artisans through several methods that include online stores, exhibition and sales,commissioned projects, corporate,gifting,programs, workshops,export etc.

As the slogan of this Art Make in India foundation is “My art is the pride of my country” for betterment Art Make in India has also started a foundation which is known as” ART MAKE IN INDIA FOUNDATION”.This foundation works for society as well as to help and support artisans by giving them knowledge about how this industry work by organizing seminars and workshops.As many artisans don’t know about the ARTISAN CARD for artist,here this foundation provides each and every subtle information about the benefits given by government and what artisans have to do? for getting it.

So on this Diwali if you want to decorate your house or to gift your dear ones then visit once this foundation and Let’s celebrate this festival together with whole country so BE INDIAN AND BUY INDIAN.

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