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Kadha and today’s Indian..

Health has Paramount importance in the human life. In such pandemic situation people are now realising that good health is not only important today but also it will be tomorrow.Corona is a disease that can happen to anyone and to fight with it you just need to have a good immune system.For that everyone is trying their best by what way they will increase their own immune.Our country has considered the master of Aayurveda since ancient times.There are lots of plants which has their own identity and scientific importance according to Aayurveda.If you drink their extract (Kadha)together it will help to develop and also to increase the immunity.But do you know these kadhas should be only taken as prescribed by qualified Aayush doctor’s?
According to the information released by the Ministry of Ayush,the kadha is effective in boosting the immune system.Medicines like black paper,ginger, cinnamon,turmeric and ashwagandha are commonly used in Ayurvedic Kadha(extract) and effect of these things are very hot. This Kadha is not a Covid-19 vaccine but it helps to develop your immune system. Although Ayurvedic Kadha (extract) is beneficial in boosting the immune system,its over dose can be harmful to the body.So if you are following the instructions given by the Ministry of Ayush, there are few things to keep in mind for e.g.
1)If you want to avoid future health problems which will occur after taking this kadha in a wrong way then it is best to take this kadha only on the advice of a prescribed Ayush doctors.

2)Do not drink this kadha(extract) on daily basis in any quantity to prevent corona infection.

3)The right amount of medicines must be taken while making the kadha(extract)

4) If the Kadha(extract) is causing any discomfort then reduce the amount of black paper,ashwagandha,ginger or else cinnamon and still then discomfort does not subside,consult doctor.

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