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It’s been 2yrs  that we all are struggling with this pandemic situation. Nothing is alright, nothing is perfect in life but still we all have to survive.Nobody had ever imagined that we will suffer such kind of problems in our life but now there is no option as we are in it.     We all are human and doing mistakes is the nature of us and we always says that we learn from our mistakes but do you really feel that we will stop doing such experiment so that we will not suffer such condition again?This is the time to think about is really man developed or a dumb fellow?It  has proved again that nothing is greater than nature.  Today in this corona situation people have lost their sources of livelihood while few have lost their dear ones forever.    I really don’t know what to say does this Corona a curse or a boon??I know you all will laugh and you all will make fun of me as I am saying corona as a boon but I accept at some level corona became curse for the people who broke the rule of safety which has been given by WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION while it became boon for those people who were far away  from families.After lockdown everything has changed like offices started from home,online educations and many more new concepts get established for us.People came with new identity to help each other.Nobody is in condition but this change we all have to accept with positive attitude.Nothing is going to return whatever we have lost but if we trust ourselves then I am sure….THIS TOO WILL PASS.#Mumbaikar#werock


Published by Amusing Soul.

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