Unplanned visit to Panhala…

As usual we all cousin came together in summer vacation at Granny’s house and that night suddenly we made a plan to visit On; Which is very close from our farm house.Panhala,a famous historical fort.The natural beauty of that fort was delightful.I would say that in my whole life that was the most memorable experience for not only me but for all of us.
Panhala is just 20 kms.from Kolhapur,like only of half hour bus journey.That fort is simply divided into many points and historic building.Now it has became a Taluka place.All the offices of Panhala taluka are situated here.As I do remember at that time we had visited to sajja kothi,a place where Sambhaji Maharaj was imprisoned then we visited Ambala Temple,Tabak garden,statue of Baji Prabhu Deshpande,great Ganga and Jamuna grain storages,secret ways and Pavankhind also.We know each and everything about the history of Chatrpati Shivaji Maharaj and about the sacrifice of Baji Prabhu still we hired a guide,I personally feel he was the best guide there as he was making the history of all places alive.he told us that fort is at 997mtr.height and it was built by Shivaji Maharaj.The nature around that fort was very pleasant.That fresh air was like tonic to city dwellers.It is balm to soul.
In the afternoon we enjoyed spicy Maharshtrian non-veg food with Tambda- Pandhra rassa.
The historical points and natural points haunt me even today.Our family always enjoys such trips but I would suggest if you really want to create history then don’t forget history…

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