Unplanned visit to Panhala…

UNPLANNED VISIT TO PANHALA….As usual we all cousin came together in summer vacation at Granny’s house and that night suddenly we made a plan to visit On; Which is very close from our farm house.Panhala,a famous historical fort.The natural beauty of that fort was delightful.I would say that in my whole life that was theContinue reading “Unplanned visit to Panhala…”

Masai Plateau- a place which is surrounded by green shawl.

Are you looking for a place close to Kolhapur and want to fall in love with scenic beauties ? Masai-Pathar might just be the place for you. You could take a private vehicle or a bus to get there. Just 25km away from Kolhapur resides Masai-Pathar a plateau endowed with wonderful sceneries and majorly knownContinue reading “Masai Plateau- a place which is surrounded by green shawl.”

An Unplanned Visit To Aagashiv Mountain.

As a famous Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda said, ” If you do not travel if you do not read, if you do not listen to the sounds of life or if you do not appreciate yourself then simply you start dying slowly”. I always love to travel as we all know the corona pandemic isContinue reading “An Unplanned Visit To Aagashiv Mountain.”

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