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Secret of Happiness:- Donate your eyes and be immortal…

Just imagine what will happen if we won’t be able to see our loved ones?what?what happen? Are you scared?
There are more than thousands of people are blind in our country.They are not able to see the beautiful world around them,people they love.The beautiful flowers,valleys,sunset,dancing waves of the oceans etc.They have only darkness in their life.Don’t you think so that they have also a right of watching a cricket match, that beautiful world in which they are living.Don’t you think so they also have a right to live happy, independent and confident life.
If you want to call me a crazy I don’t mind yes I am mad…but please my dear all human being think once God is not able to go everywhere so in the form of soul he stays between us.We have to think about the happiness of blind people.
My dear friends after death our valuable eyes are useless for us.There is no use of them.So atleast once think on it and decide once and donate your eyes to needy one.Make a will and informa your family and ‘Eye Donation Societies’.Your eyes will make you immortal.You will be able to live the life after your death also by giving new eyesight to the needy one.A person who will get your eyes will bless you life time as they will be able to live a new life with the help of your eyes.
So it’s a request from my bottom of heart come forward and be generous and make your eyes immortal…

Published by Amusing Soul.

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