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An Unplanned Visit To Aagashiv Mountain.

As a famous Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda said, ” If you do not travel if you do not read, if you do not listen to the sounds of life or if you do not appreciate yourself then simply you start dying slowly”. I always love to travel as we all know the corona pandemic is going on, so even if you can roam freely in your own town then what a great fortune it will be!

Sometimes you just get fed up with our daily routine and at that time our mind needs a simple break, people start to search their own ways to make their mind fresh and spent their time as they wish for. I personally feel there are two types of people who for being energetic love crowd while others love their own company. Actually, I am the second type of person who loves to enjoy my own company with nature more than the listening crowd.

It was raining outside, I was sad because I couldn’t go anywhere as it’s corona time. My hometown is Karad. There are lots of beautiful spots during rain you will enjoy if ever you will visit like Pritisangam, Khodshidam, Sadashiv gadh none other than Koyana Dam but Aagashiv mountain has its own identity. Suddenly a thought peeped in my mind why not visit Agashiv? As I haven’t been there for many years, I immediately got of my bike and started the journey towards that mountain.

After the journey of 13 km from Karad, I reached that place. I was so excited to start my trekking. Nature was so beautiful. There were few waterfalls which started to flow as it’s rainy season. I was so thrilled after 20 minutes of climbing that mountain I came close to those beautiful caves where I watched peacocks who were dancing in the rain, parrots and so many monkeys who were also enjoying rain.

Here is also a temple of Lord Aagashiv which is ancient and having its own history. It is said that the ancient name of Karad was Karhataka. It is said that in the book of Karhatak Mahtmya that in Mahabharat the Pandavas lived on this mountain in their Adyatwas. This mountain is not only rich with beautiful nature but also with the historical caves. The caves on this hill are said to be Buddhist. These caves were first recorded by Bartal Farre in 1849 A.D. There are more than 60 caves in which six are chaitya houses and the rest are viharas. Those caves are really very beautiful and important from the point of view of architects.

There is another route also for the trekkers which are tracking route, beginners also can take this route as it is of easy to moderate type.
That sudden visit to Aagashiv mountain was a delightful and pleasant experience for myself. If you want to visit this beautiful place accommodation is available and you can come here by any means of transport like bus, car or train. If you want to visit this place as a trekker then please think about these important points like:
1) Check the weather.
2) To wear shoes preferably sport shoes
3) Keep a water bottle along with some dry snacks.
4) for a trail map brings a compass or GPS.
5) Most important is trying not to hike alone.

So, at last, I can say not only a trekker but also be a nature lover and enjoy once in life this pleasant experience.

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