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Masai Plateau- a place which is surrounded by green shawl.

Are you looking for a place close to Kolhapur and want to fall in love with scenic beauties ? Masai-Pathar might just be the place for you. You could take a private vehicle or a bus to get there. Just 25km away from Kolhapur resides Masai-Pathar a plateau endowed with wonderful sceneries and majorly known for the wildflowers that bloom in the rainy season. The famous Pandav Leni is the major attractions of the place serving as a topping over a super vivid and greener plateau.The place has a historical and a rich cultural background too. The story is quite breath-taking. It was said there dwelled a demon who was slayed by the Masai Devi, Thereafter she resides in the temple of Masai Devi,as being the supreme protector of the people of the region. The remple is worshipped by people and its a historical background makes is worth the visit. Rainy season being the best time to visit Masai-Pathar, you will be a fan of the place and the cold winds will entertain your mood for sure. Travelling by road you will find many good hotels and refreshment places. Almost every hotel provides good quality of food, And you will enjoy the ‘Kolhapuri Tadka’ from the dishes. Its a good spot for free wandering carrying enough water and snacks will enable you to enjoy yourselves in the surroundings of the plateau. If left with ample amount of time you could drive a few kilometres back and might want to visit anuskura or Panhala for instance. Panhala might be the place if you want to get acquainted with some memories of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and witness the evident ‘Khind’ Bajiprabhu Deshpande fought and defended until his very last breath.
Some Dont’s :
The place being considered holier by the people it would be inappropriate to consider it as a full pledged partying spot.
Loitering the place would be ill-mannerism.

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