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Monologue of the Indian Doctors…

I am not your God but I always think
to take care of patients is my duty.
As a doctor,today I am completely scared to be engrossed in daily hospital duty.In this corona situation, I am fighting in this battle to save all of you. Yes I am loyal to my work.But what is my mistake? I don’t understand because if I save your loved ones,you all call me God and when that patient can’t respond to my treatment then you all get up to hit me.Today many of my companions are working for 24 hours for public service in this pandemic situation.But one simple thing you all are forgetting that my family is also waiting for me in my house.
If you all follow the rules of safety and stayed safe at home then I will finish my work here and I will be able to go my home.Even though I am a doctor just don’t forget that I am also a son,brother,husband or a father of my children too.As you all got I also got tired and felt homesick but I don’t have the courage to ask my mother to take me closer as your mother’s do;because when I came out of the house I left everything behind.
Today I am not going to tell you any grievance but just want to tell you I am also facing those problems which you all are facing and the only difference is you are secure at home but I am not.
In our society there is a perception that a patient is robbed under the guise of treatment but can you please try to think at least once? if I’ll come to buy something & as I saved your lives, will you reduce the price of the product?People insist that the doctor should provide the hospital service in less money but do I get those necessary equipment without any cost?Even though I started my hospital by taking loan,people which are mentally ill, try to break it.Just think once it is broken,is there anyone coming to compensate me? People who says doctors should do social service,did you ask them,what they are giving for free?
There are a lot of things to talk and ask but no answer for them.I just want to say I am not your God just think about me as a common man…


Life is all about clothes, shelter and food.There are two categories of people first non-veg lovers and veg lovers.Non-veg lovers can get variety with meat,fish,egg but the people which are vegitarian loves paneer most but nobody knows about struggle or you can say difficulties in getting best paneer.The word paneer basically derived from the Hindi and Urdu term panir,which means cheese.

Paneer is ready by adding food acid, like juice, vinegar, acid or dahi (yogurt),[15] to hot milk to separate the curds from the whey. The curds are drained in muslin or cheesecloth and also the excess water is pressed out.

If you want to experience the world of delicious paneer then try this simple steps and make paneer at home;

1)Pour 6 to 7 cups milk to a heavy bottom pot and bring it to a gentle boil on a medium flame.
2)After that keep your acidic ingredient ready for e.g lemon, vinegar etc.Try to use only one of them not both.When the milk comes to a boil turn of the gas and add your acidic ingredient into it.if you are adding vinegar then take only 2 tablespoon or of it’s yogurt then take it only 1/4 cup.Then give a good stir to a milk for 1 min.
3) After this step milk starts to curdle and separates from the whey.If you don’t get the solid then turn on the gas and boil till you get solid separate completely and if it’s needed then add one more tablespoon of vinegar.
4)Turn off the stove when you see the milk has curdled.After that colour of whey will become yellowish but not milky.It is very important to turn off the gas when it’s done; otherwise if you continue to cook longer it will become grainy.
5) Then collect a strained whey by placing a colander over a large bowl.This process is known as draining.
6) Then afterwards pour cold water to get rid of the smell of vinegar.Then try to rinse the paneer few times under running water until it is clear of the vinegar.
7)Make a knot and try to squeeze excess water by hanging it for 30 min which helps you to drain the excess whey. Then put a heavy object at least 3 to 3.5 kgs when you put entire pack in plane plate as it helps well to set paneer.
8) After 3 to 4 hours remove the cloth of that pack you will get round block of paneer then slice it. You can either use it or refrigerate it for further use.

Way to Kerala….

It’s Oscar Wilde who said that “ Live life with no excuses and travel with no regrets.”I still do remember that visit to Kerala.Me and my friends were not ready but once the plan is done,it is done. We have recently visited Kerala.We stayed at Kochi for a week and visited all sight’s.
Kerala is a state which is also known as one of the ten Paradises of the world.It is situated on the tropical Malabar coast of southwestern India.It is one of the most popular tourist destination in the country.We visited most of the beaches,hill stations,wild life sanctuaries,national parks, backwaters as well as heritage sites.
It was a wonderful experience.what a serene and unspoilt natural beauty it was!If you visit this place once you will definitely said, “What a paradise on earth Kerala is! In that trip we visited Kovalam beach.That was really thrilling experience.Ernakulam national park and wild life sanctuary at periyar were the most enjoyable places.We also visited padmnabhpuram heritage site.We enjoyed not only shopping but also learnt ayurveda an culture of Kerala.
I would say everyone must visit Kerala at least once in a lifetime.The natural beauty of Kerala has soothing effect on the eye and the mind.Yes,if you really want to soothing and pleasant experience then hurry up!!Fix the bag and visit Kerala.

Unplanned visit to Panhala…

As usual we all cousin came together in summer vacation at Granny’s house and that night suddenly we made a plan to visit On; Which is very close from our farm house.Panhala,a famous historical fort.The natural beauty of that fort was delightful.I would say that in my whole life that was the most memorable experience for not only me but for all of us.
Panhala is just 20 kms.from Kolhapur,like only of half hour bus journey.That fort is simply divided into many points and historic building.Now it has became a Taluka place.All the offices of Panhala taluka are situated here.As I do remember at that time we had visited to sajja kothi,a place where Sambhaji Maharaj was imprisoned then we visited Ambala Temple,Tabak garden,statue of Baji Prabhu Deshpande,great Ganga and Jamuna grain storages,secret ways and Pavankhind also.We know each and everything about the history of Chatrpati Shivaji Maharaj and about the sacrifice of Baji Prabhu still we hired a guide,I personally feel he was the best guide there as he was making the history of all places alive.he told us that fort is at 997mtr.height and it was built by Shivaji Maharaj.The nature around that fort was very pleasant.That fresh air was like tonic to city dwellers.It is balm to soul.
In the afternoon we enjoyed spicy Maharshtrian non-veg food with Tambda- Pandhra rassa.
The historical points and natural points haunt me even today.Our family always enjoys such trips but I would suggest if you really want to create history then don’t forget history…

Way towards Melghat…

sometimes people get bored to read others travelogue, but I must say if you want to be happy and experience every bit of the moment then start living now…As it is said that, “Yesterday was a history, tomorrow is the mystery and today is the gift for all of us that’s why it is called present.” Unplanned trips are always best because planned trips never happens.Something like that happened to me in the last year’s Diwali vacation.It was unplanned trip.We had gone to Badnera for one of our friends marriage and in return journey we decided to visit Melghat Sanctuary. That was 110 kms journey from Badnera to Melghat. That was really a memorable experience for all of us.

Melghat Sanctuary is truly a significant tourist destination in Maharashtra.I must say it is really a traveller’s paradise. It is located in the Satpura hill ranges in Amravti district in Vidarbha.It is a wonderful mixture of narrow valleys;rugged hills and ups and downs.It is rich with biodiversity of Maharashtra.The river Tapi and it’s tributaries are so beautiful. In Melghat Sanctuary we spotted wild animals like sloth bear,jackal and many more.
Melghat is really a paradise on earth.The nature was so beautiful.We all were extremely happy as we got the chance to visit this paradise.I must say if you are truly a nature lover then Visit Melghat Sanctuary atleast once in a lifetime.Just listen to your heart and enjoy this enhancing experience..💖

Secret of Happiness:- Donate your eyes and be immortal…

Just imagine what will happen if we won’t be able to see our loved ones?what?what happen? Are you scared?
There are more than thousands of people are blind in our country.They are not able to see the beautiful world around them,people they love.The beautiful flowers,valleys,sunset,dancing waves of the oceans etc.They have only darkness in their life.Don’t you think so that they have also a right of watching a cricket match, that beautiful world in which they are living.Don’t you think so they also have a right to live happy, independent and confident life.
If you want to call me a crazy I don’t mind yes I am mad…but please my dear all human being think once God is not able to go everywhere so in the form of soul he stays between us.We have to think about the happiness of blind people.
My dear friends after death our valuable eyes are useless for us.There is no use of them.So atleast once think on it and decide once and donate your eyes to needy one.Make a will and informa your family and ‘Eye Donation Societies’.Your eyes will make you immortal.You will be able to live the life after your death also by giving new eyesight to the needy one.A person who will get your eyes will bless you life time as they will be able to live a new life with the help of your eyes.
So it’s a request from my bottom of heart come forward and be generous and make your eyes immortal…

Art Make in India.

Want to decorate your home this Diwali with the craft made by our Indian Artisans?? So let’s take you on a journey into a unique world today.
There are so many hard working Artisans who work under one roof named”Art Make in India.” Here you will get so many things which you need to decorate your house on Diwali.Art Make in India is the foundation where all the handmade things you will get at reasonable price.
It is said that,where there is a will there is a way and Shilpa Sharma, a middle class lady has proved that yes it’s true! She has done her graduation from SNDT University. She is passionate about Art; she has followed this as a business with great efforts.”YUGAL ART CREATION ” is her business where she not only makes but also designs products like handicraft wall clock,name plates with unique designs and themes like Peacock,Buddha and many more.She is also the founder of “AMI YUGAL PVT LTD”.This company has established in 13/4/17.The industry which started with investment of Rs 7000/- is now moving towards Rs 70 crore.
Shilpa Sharma is the founder of Art Make in India. This “AMI YUGAL PRIVATE LTD” runs an e-commerce website which is known as, where her aim is to gather Indian artisans and handicraft product manufacturer,to display their product on this website and market their products online on social platforms like Facebook,Instagram,twitter,Amazon,Flip kart etc. These products get sold in bulk at many corporate companies. If anyone want to know more about Art Make in India there is also another website is available; where every bit of news and information of handicraft is available.
Art Make in India is a platform where every artisan will get information and will become aware of benefits and availed by government to this sector and other help and support provided by government to them.So they can reap this benefits.
Art Make in India foundation is a non-profit organization focused on enhancing livelihoods of rural artisans,they provide market linkages to Indian artisans through several methods that include online stores, exhibition and sales,commissioned projects, corporate,gifting,programs, workshops,export etc.

As the slogan of this Art Make in India foundation is “My art is the pride of my country” for betterment Art Make in India has also started a foundation which is known as” ART MAKE IN INDIA FOUNDATION”.This foundation works for society as well as to help and support artisans by giving them knowledge about how this industry work by organizing seminars and workshops.As many artisans don’t know about the ARTISAN CARD for artist,here this foundation provides each and every subtle information about the benefits given by government and what artisans have to do? for getting it.

So on this Diwali if you want to decorate your house or to gift your dear ones then visit once this foundation and Let’s celebrate this festival together with whole country so BE INDIAN AND BUY INDIAN.

आरोग्यं धनसंपदा….

आज कोरोना महामारीच्या काळात माणसाला कळून चुकलं आहे की आरोग्य हीच खरी मानवाची संपती आहे.आरोग्य ठीक तर सगळं काही ठीक.आज १००वर्षे वय असणारे वयोवृध्द कोरोनावर मात करताना दिसत आहेत तोच एकीकडे तरुणवर्ग कमजोर शक्तीमुळे आपले प्राण गमवत आहे.कधी विचार केला आहे का असे का घडत आहे? कारण पूर्वीचे लोक शेतात राबत आणि त्यामुळे त्यांचे आरोग्य नेहमी चांगले राहायचे आणि आज या कोरोनाच्या लढाई मध्ये वृध्द कोरोना ला हरवण्यात यशस्वी ठरत आहेत.याउलट पाहायला गेलो तर आपण आजची मंडळी AC मध्ये काम करून लठ्ठ होत आहोत,दमा,डायबेटिस,दमा यासारख्या आजारांना बळी पडलो आहोत. इंग्रजी मध्ये एक म्हण आहे की,”HEALTH IS WEALTH”
आणि ती कुठे तरी खरीच आहे.आपल्याकडे संपती कमी असली तरी चालेल पण आरोग्य चांगलं असणं हे नेहमीच आवश्यक आहे.
आपण आयुष्यात संपत्ती नाही कमवू शकलो तरी खेद नाही पण चांगले आरोग्य नसेल तर सारं काही निरर्थक आहे. विचार करायला गेले तर निरोगी व्यक्ती ही जीवनात नेहमी आनंदी आणि सुखी राहते पण तुम्ही निरोगी नसाल तर कोणत्याच गोष्टीचा आनंद मिळवणं सोपं राहत नाही.
निरोगी माणूस हा नेहमीच राष्ट्राची खरी संपत्ती असतो आणि देशाच्या प्रगती करता तो मोलाचा वाटा उचलतो.आज विचार केला तर जगात सर्वात जास्त टीबी चे रुग्ण हे भारतात आहेत यामागची कारणं पण काहीशी तशीच आहेत;उदाहरणार्थ तरुणांमध्ये वाढत असणार व्यसन प्रमाण.तसेच वाढणार एड्स च प्रमाण हे आजच्या तरुणाई ला नष्ट करू पाहत आहे. वाढणारं शहरातलं प्रदूषण,वृक्षतोड यामुळे लोकांच्या आरोग्यावर विपरीत परिणाम होत आहेत.
यामुळे चांगले आरोग्य मिळवायचे असेल तर एकच मूलमंत्र नेहमी लक्षात ठेवणे गरजेचे,नियमित व्यायाम,सकाळी अथवा सायंकाळी फिरायला जाणे.योगासने हा देखील आपले आरोग्य चांगले ठेवण्याकरता एक सर्वोत्तम पर्याय आहे.कारण ती आपल्या प्राचीन संस्कृतीची देणगी आहे.नियमित योगासने केल्यामुळे आपणास चांगले आरोग्य तर मिळतेच पण मन ही आनंदी राहते.हल्ली योगासनाचे महत्व लक्षात घेता देशात बऱ्याच ठिकाणी योगसाधना शिकवणारी केंद्रे उभी केली जात आहेत आणि लोकही उस्फूर्तपणे यात सहभागी होत आहेत.
अशा रीतीने सुदृढ शरीर हे सुखी आयुष्याची गुरुकिल्ली आहे.त्यामुळे लोकहो व्यायाम करा आणि निरोगी रहा..

Kadha and today’s Indian..

Health has Paramount importance in the human life. In such pandemic situation people are now realising that good health is not only important today but also it will be tomorrow.Corona is a disease that can happen to anyone and to fight with it you just need to have a good immune system.For that everyone is trying their best by what way they will increase their own immune.Our country has considered the master of Aayurveda since ancient times.There are lots of plants which has their own identity and scientific importance according to Aayurveda.If you drink their extract (Kadha)together it will help to develop and also to increase the immunity.But do you know these kadhas should be only taken as prescribed by qualified Aayush doctor’s?
According to the information released by the Ministry of Ayush,the kadha is effective in boosting the immune system.Medicines like black paper,ginger, cinnamon,turmeric and ashwagandha are commonly used in Ayurvedic Kadha(extract) and effect of these things are very hot. This Kadha is not a Covid-19 vaccine but it helps to develop your immune system. Although Ayurvedic Kadha (extract) is beneficial in boosting the immune system,its over dose can be harmful to the body.So if you are following the instructions given by the Ministry of Ayush, there are few things to keep in mind for e.g.
1)If you want to avoid future health problems which will occur after taking this kadha in a wrong way then it is best to take this kadha only on the advice of a prescribed Ayush doctors.

2)Do not drink this kadha(extract) on daily basis in any quantity to prevent corona infection.

3)The right amount of medicines must be taken while making the kadha(extract)

4) If the Kadha(extract) is causing any discomfort then reduce the amount of black paper,ashwagandha,ginger or else cinnamon and still then discomfort does not subside,consult doctor.

झोपी गेलेला जागा झाला.

तशी मी लोकमान्य टिळकांची लहानपणापासूनच खूप मोठी भक्त आहे..सांगायचं झालं तर असं की जेव्हा कधी दादा जेवण करून उठला की आई नेहमी सांगायची जेवण झालं की तुझं आणि दादाचं ताट धुवून ठेव आणि माझं मात्र उत्तर ठरलेलं असायचं..टिळकांनी सांगितलं होतं की,”मी शेंगा खाल्ल्या नाहीत आणि मी त्याची टरफल उचलणार नाही.” आई समजून जायची की ही कार्टी ताट काही उचलणार नाही.ती म्हणायची असो या तुम्ही परत म्हणायची.असे कित्येक किस्से आहेत जे मी तुम्हाला सांगू शकते पण असो.
मी या आधी पण खूप वेळा “लोकमान्य – एक युगपुरुष” हा चित्रपट पाहिला आहे,पण आज पुन्हा एकदा पहायची संधी मिळाली आणि खरंच अभिमान वाटला नाही म्हणणार पण अभिमान आहे आपल्या देशातील क्रांतिकारी चळवळीचा आणि इतिहासाचा पण.त्यावेळी टिळकांनी एखादा श्रीमुखात ठेऊन द्यावा असा प्रश्न इंग्रज सरकारला विचारला होता; “या सरकारचं डोकं ठिकाणावर आहे का?” तो प्रश्न चित्रपट संपल्यानंतर ही माझं डोकं काही केल्या सोडत नव्हता.
कशातच मन लागत नव्हतं,शेवटी डायरी आणि पेन घेऊन स्वतःच स्वतःला प्रश्न विचारायला सुरुवात केली. आजची परिस्थिती पाहता सगळंच बिकट झालं आहे.दोन वेळ नाही पण एक वेळ जरी सुखाचा घास खाता आला तर देव पावला वाटत आहे.जगणे अवघड मरणे सोपे असा काहीसा समीकरणाचा भाग झाला आहे आयुष्यात. कोरोना ची साथ आली आणि सगळे जीवनच हादरवून गेलं आहे.कधी ही झालं तरी आपण राजेशाही अनुभवलेले लोक आहोत.आज संकट आले आहे म्हणजे लोक विचार करतात,जनतेची सुरक्षा हा राजाचा धर्म आहे.पण सध्याची ती कोविड केंद्रांची अवस्था पाहिली की लोकांना वाटतं;आम्ही मतदान करताना चुकलो का?अहो किती अजून एकमेकांवर ताशेरे ओढण्यात वेळ घालवणार खरंच तुमचं डोकं ठिकाणावर आहे का?गरीब जनता भरडली जात आहे आणि तुम्ही फक्त बघ्याची भूमिका घेणार आहात का?प्रत्येकजण आज डॉक्टर लक्ष देत नाहीत फक्त पैसे घेतात,थोडी कमी करा फी म्हणून डॉक्टर ना दूषणे देतात.पोलिसांना काय काम आहे फक्त काठ्या मारता येतात आणि गरीब जनतेवर अत्याचार करतात.असे प्रश्न लोक उपस्थित करतात आणि चुका दाखवतात.
चूक मुळात कोणाची ह्यावर मला बोलायचंच नाही.फक्त एकदा विचार करावा माझ्या देशवासीयांनी की सरकारचं डोकं ठिकाणावर आहे का? म्हणायच्या आधी मला ते बोलायचा अधिकार आहे का?हा प्रश्न आरशासमोर उभा राहून स्वतः ला एकदा विचारावा.
उत्तर प्रत्येकाचं प्रत्येकाला मिळेल.
एक हजार अथवा दोन हजार मिळवण्यासाठी तुम्ही किती मोठी चूक करता आणि खऱ्या अर्थी तुमच्या नेत्याला जाब विचारण्याचा अधिकार तुम्ही गमवून बसता.आणि जेव्हा डोळे उघडतात तेव्हा सगळं आयुष्य बदलून गेलेलं असतं आणि समोर फक्त अथांग पसरलेला संतापाचा समुद्र असतो जिथून माघार कधीच शक्य नसतो.
त्यामुळे क्षणभंगुर मोहाला बळी न पडता आपला आणि आपल्या कुटुंबाचा विचार करा आणि डॉक्टर बाबासाहेब आंबेडकरांनी दिलेल्या मतदानाच्या हक्काचा खरा अर्थ समजून घेऊन देशाचे एक सुजाण नागरिक बनून तुम्ही मतदान करावे एवढीच फक्त इच्छा!!!

Masai Plateau- a place which is surrounded by green shawl.

Are you looking for a place close to Kolhapur and want to fall in love with scenic beauties ? Masai-Pathar might just be the place for you. You could take a private vehicle or a bus to get there. Just 25km away from Kolhapur resides Masai-Pathar a plateau endowed with wonderful sceneries and majorly known for the wildflowers that bloom in the rainy season. The famous Pandav Leni is the major attractions of the place serving as a topping over a super vivid and greener plateau.The place has a historical and a rich cultural background too. The story is quite breath-taking. It was said there dwelled a demon who was slayed by the Masai Devi, Thereafter she resides in the temple of Masai Devi,as being the supreme protector of the people of the region. The remple is worshipped by people and its a historical background makes is worth the visit. Rainy season being the best time to visit Masai-Pathar, you will be a fan of the place and the cold winds will entertain your mood for sure. Travelling by road you will find many good hotels and refreshment places. Almost every hotel provides good quality of food, And you will enjoy the ‘Kolhapuri Tadka’ from the dishes. Its a good spot for free wandering carrying enough water and snacks will enable you to enjoy yourselves in the surroundings of the plateau. If left with ample amount of time you could drive a few kilometres back and might want to visit anuskura or Panhala for instance. Panhala might be the place if you want to get acquainted with some memories of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and witness the evident ‘Khind’ Bajiprabhu Deshpande fought and defended until his very last breath.
Some Dont’s :
The place being considered holier by the people it would be inappropriate to consider it as a full pledged partying spot.
Loitering the place would be ill-mannerism.

How to lose Belly Fat??

In this beautiful world nobody is happy everyone has their own problems with which they are stuck. Food,clothes and shelter are the basic needs of all human beings but sometimes those need becomes problem for few one like overeating leads to weight gain and malnutrition due to lack of food and if you really want to live healthy life and don’t want to face problems like weight gain as well as malnutrition then consider not only exercise but also diet plays a vital role in human life.Don’t workout because you think you need it but do it because your body deserves love, respect and healthy attention.So if you really want to lose your belly fat then try these 8 effective ways for the magic:-

1)Soluble fibers absorbs water and forms a gel that’s why always try to add more a fibers in diet.It is proved that this type of fiber promotes weight loss by helping you feel full of stomach because of which you naturally eat less.
Soluble fibers include flax seeds, avocados,blackberries etc.

2) Not all thing but few changes in your lifestyle may help you to lead towards getting flat belly.For example if you are eating healthy food then automatically your fat loss tends to follow as a natural effect.

3) Say no to those food which contains trans fat as they are made up by pumping hydrogen into unsaturated fats. They have linked to heart disease, inflammation and abdominal fat gain.So always try to avoid food that contains trans fat.

4) In today’s fast-paced world, if a person really needs something, it is comfort and adequate sleep. Research shows that people which are unable to get proper sleep gain more weight because of which belly fat increases.So atleast make sure that you will get 7 hours quality sleep in the night.

5) Fishes like salmon, herring,sardines helps to get omega-3. Increase of Omega-3 in diet also help you to get flat belly as it helps to reduce visceral fat and liver as well as abdominal fats.

6) Try probiotic suppliment in your diet as they helps you to get healthy digestive system and it may help you to lose your belly fats. Research proves that coconut oil helps to reduce your abdominal fats instead of other cooking oils.

7) For flat belly aerobics exercise also play vital role and helps you to burn calories.

8) Say no to alcohol.May be it has some benefits if you drink but there are so many disadvantages if you drink alcohol too much.


Sometimes things will definitely go wrong;just the lesson is important,
How to deal with it or else Move on!

Life is just giving a new turn to life of mine….
Where nothing is important more than I…
People will come and they will go,
That’s none of my business,what shall I do???

I just got tired with this feeling I love you too…
Only I want to say is; if you want me come with so, else I don’t care…

Secret Of Weight Gaining.

As we all know that neither weight gain happens overnight nor weight loss. We often think that people who are overweight are the victims of ridicule, but this is not true. People who are underweight are at the also top of the list.
So if you are underweight then don’t be nervous and disappoint because we are going to share the secret of how to gain weight quickly? Yes, if you want to gain weight then just follow these simple steps and change your lifestyle of eating because Change is constant. Good or bad, sometimes you have to just ride the waves of eating habits until the tide turns—and it always does.So if you really want to gain your weight then just follow this secret like,

1) Try to eat frequently,when you are underweight.If you drink milk regularly then it’s a great way to add protein to your diet. It contains both casein and whey proteins.Also
Nuts and nut butter is a great choice for gaining weight. Rice is also a good source for gaining weight as it contains carbohydrates.

2) Avoid drinking water before having food as it feels your stomach and makes difficult to get in enough calories.

3) There are other sources too which helps to gain weight in healthy manner like drinking fresh fruit juice, protein shakes coffees with different flavor may help you to gain weight.

4) Study shows that getting enough sleep proves that it is very important for the muscles growth so for gaining weight always try to get enough sleep.

5) Red meat as well as oily fishes are the best source of protein and healthy fats which helps you to gain weight properly in healthy manner.Instead of this oily fishes contains omega-3 fatty acids and the helps to fight with other diseases.

Magic of intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is just a pattern of eating where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. It doesn’t say anything about which foods to eat, but rather once you should eat them. There are several different intermittent fasting methods, all of which split the day or week into eating periods and fasting periods.It is helpful for losing weight and have powerful benefits for brain and body.This fasting changes the functions of cells and harmones moreover because it helps to thin, belly fat.It reduces insulin resistance, oxidative stress and inflammation within the body.
There are seven kinds of intermittent fasting which are betting on your lifestyle as diet craze is increasing to turn and boost longevity.
After 7 pm, if you purposely don’t eat till 11 am the following day. this sort of intermittent fasting is termed the ’16/8′ Intermittent Fasting because you do not eat for 16 hours of the day and only eat during a particular 8-hour schedule.
Non-fasting days don’t seem to be days once you can splurge on whatever you wish as this may result in weight gain. Fasting can also result in a rise within the stress hormone, cortisol, which can result in even more food cravings. confine mind that overeating and binge eating are two common side effects of intermittent fasting. As we all know all that glitter isn’t gold likewise if something has advantages then it’s disadvantages too. Intermittent fasting may facilitate your in losing weight because it seems to be about as beneficial as other sorts of diet plan that reduces calories.If you research then you may understand that in other cases it actually like do more harm than good.
the primary danger of intermittent fasting is that extended periods without food are a stressor to the body. after we go without food, our body secretes higher levels of the strain hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

An Unplanned Visit To Aagashiv Mountain.

As a famous Chilean poet, Pablo Neruda said, ” If you do not travel if you do not read, if you do not listen to the sounds of life or if you do not appreciate yourself then simply you start dying slowly”. I always love to travel as we all know the corona pandemic is going on, so even if you can roam freely in your own town then what a great fortune it will be!

Sometimes you just get fed up with our daily routine and at that time our mind needs a simple break, people start to search their own ways to make their mind fresh and spent their time as they wish for. I personally feel there are two types of people who for being energetic love crowd while others love their own company. Actually, I am the second type of person who loves to enjoy my own company with nature more than the listening crowd.

It was raining outside, I was sad because I couldn’t go anywhere as it’s corona time. My hometown is Karad. There are lots of beautiful spots during rain you will enjoy if ever you will visit like Pritisangam, Khodshidam, Sadashiv gadh none other than Koyana Dam but Aagashiv mountain has its own identity. Suddenly a thought peeped in my mind why not visit Agashiv? As I haven’t been there for many years, I immediately got of my bike and started the journey towards that mountain.

After the journey of 13 km from Karad, I reached that place. I was so excited to start my trekking. Nature was so beautiful. There were few waterfalls which started to flow as it’s rainy season. I was so thrilled after 20 minutes of climbing that mountain I came close to those beautiful caves where I watched peacocks who were dancing in the rain, parrots and so many monkeys who were also enjoying rain.

Here is also a temple of Lord Aagashiv which is ancient and having its own history. It is said that the ancient name of Karad was Karhataka. It is said that in the book of Karhatak Mahtmya that in Mahabharat the Pandavas lived on this mountain in their Adyatwas. This mountain is not only rich with beautiful nature but also with the historical caves. The caves on this hill are said to be Buddhist. These caves were first recorded by Bartal Farre in 1849 A.D. There are more than 60 caves in which six are chaitya houses and the rest are viharas. Those caves are really very beautiful and important from the point of view of architects.

There is another route also for the trekkers which are tracking route, beginners also can take this route as it is of easy to moderate type.
That sudden visit to Aagashiv mountain was a delightful and pleasant experience for myself. If you want to visit this beautiful place accommodation is available and you can come here by any means of transport like bus, car or train. If you want to visit this place as a trekker then please think about these important points like:
1) Check the weather.
2) To wear shoes preferably sport shoes
3) Keep a water bottle along with some dry snacks.
4) for a trail map brings a compass or GPS.
5) Most important is trying not to hike alone.

So, at last, I can say not only a trekker but also be a nature lover and enjoy once in life this pleasant experience.

I & Mumbai

It’s been 2yrs  that we all are struggling with this pandemic situation. Nothing is alright, nothing is perfect in life but still we all have to survive.Nobody had ever imagined that we will suffer such kind of problems in our life but now there is no option as we are in it.     We all are human and doing mistakes is the nature of us and we always says that we learn from our mistakes but do you really feel that we will stop doing such experiment so that we will not suffer such condition again?This is the time to think about is really man developed or a dumb fellow?It  has proved again that nothing is greater than nature.  Today in this corona situation people have lost their sources of livelihood while few have lost their dear ones forever.    I really don’t know what to say does this Corona a curse or a boon??I know you all will laugh and you all will make fun of me as I am saying corona as a boon but I accept at some level corona became curse for the people who broke the rule of safety which has been given by WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION while it became boon for those people who were far away  from families.After lockdown everything has changed like offices started from home,online educations and many more new concepts get established for us.People came with new identity to help each other.Nobody is in condition but this change we all have to accept with positive attitude.Nothing is going to return whatever we have lost but if we trust ourselves then I am sure….THIS TOO WILL PASS.#Mumbaikar#werock


World of CBD( Cannabidiol)Oil.

CBD oil is obtained from Cannabidiol & this oil is just a non-intoxicating extract of Marijuana.It is believed that this oil helps to treat pain,to reduce anxiety as well as it stimulates appetite as Marijuana does.A number of studies have shown that CBD oil is highly effective in treating anxiety, depression and stress in a host of beneficial ways. CBD oil has its own identity across the world because of its effectiveness in anxiety, depression and stress. CBD is a single compound which occurs in cannabis plant and don’t forget Marijuana is the type of cannabis plant in which you can found so many naturally occurring compounds like CBD.As CBD oil has beneficial effects for other diseases it has side effects too.It may cause side effects like dry mouth,reduced appetite, drowsiness and many more.
As CBD oil has valuable impacts for different illnesses it has results too.It may cause results like dry mouth,reduced craving, languor and some more.
Not exclusively can you, yet for the best impacts, as a rule you really should take CBD consistently.

A large portion of the human examinations use doses anyplace somewhere in the range of 20 and 1,500 milligrams (mg) every day. It merits recalling that there’s still a ton about CBD that we don’t have the foggiest idea. As the cannabis business develops, scientists will probably direct more examinations on cannabis, including pot and hemp, and its subsidiaries.
Endoca is one of the best CBD oil provider in India. This brand gives a good sort of CBD oils, all of very high-quality, and within the legal limits of THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol). We are certain that if you select to shop for from Endoca you’ll have a really pleasant surprise!
CBD products which are sourced from hemp are legal altogether states of India, as long because the THC(Tetrahydrocannabinol)content is less than 0.3%. you’ll also purchase Bhang in certain regions, however, we recommend that you simply do your research before buying it as there could be some regional constraints.

Health & Kitto Diet

Today in such pandemic situation everyone is facing different problems and one of these problems is gaining weight while doing office work from home. Then people starts to think about diet plans to reduce it and KETO DIET is one of them. If you are trying to add any diet plan in your life style according to me it’s not a short term diet but a long term lifestyle change. Keto diet is very low carb,high-fat, adequate protein diet which shares many similar properties with the Atkins and low carb- diet. It can be used to achieve weight loss ad well as other health related goals.
If you are about to try this keto diet for weight loss then know that there are several types of it like Standard Ketogenic Diet,Cyclical Ketogenic Diet, Targeted Ketogenic Diet and High Protein Ketogenic Diet which are most recommended. Low-carb vegetables, avocados,coconut oil instead of other cooking oils,cheese,nuts and seeds etc mostly get included into keto diet plan. Ketosis is a metabolic state where body uses fats instead of carbohydrates as a fuel. People are trying to adopt this kito life style as it helps in losing weight and this keto diet also helps to people which are suffering with heart as well as brain diseases,it’s just you need to do more research in those areas.
As we all know that there are two sides to every coin likewise if there is a good side to anything then there is also a bad side too.This keto diet plan may helps to lose weight but it has side effects too as it may cause low blood pressure,kidney stones, constipation and risk of heart disease.So this diet is not safe for those people who is having pancreas,liver,thyroid or gallbladder problems. So before starting any diet plan know more about your body and consult a dietician.Eat healthy and live happy life.

चर्चा तर होणारच…!

मी खरंच कधीच कोणत्या पक्षाच्या विरोधात नव्हते कारण मला वाटायचं की संविधानाने सर्वांना मतदानाचा अधिकार दिलेला आहे आणि जनता ही स्वतः च्या अधिकाराचा वापर करून आपल्या पसंतीच्या उमेदवाराला मतदान करून निवडून देते.
असं म्हटलं जातं की ” A stich in time saves nine. ” वेळीच घातलेला एक टाका हा होणाऱ्या संभाव्य हानी पासून नेहमीच रक्षण करतो.या आधी पण मी खूप वेळा ऐकलं होतं पण आज पुन्हा मी जेव्हा सुनील स्वामी सरांचे संविधाना वरील विचार ऐकले आणि एक विचारांची लाट डोक्यात सतत मनातल्या किनाऱ्यावर आपटायला लागली.माझे बाबा नेहमी सांगायचे की “मतदान करताना नेहमी विचार करून कर;बाकीचे म्हणाले,पैसे मिळाले जेवण मिळालं म्हणून स्वतः ला कधीच विकून येऊ नको.तू मतदान करून कोणावर ही उपकार करत नाहीस तर तू माणूस म्हणून या देशाचं काही तरी देणं लागते.
पिढ्यानपिढ्या भोगलेल्या यातना,त्रास संपवण्यासाठी निर्माण केलेल्या संविधानाच्या मदतीने जो अधिकार मिळाला आहे त्याचा विचारपूर्वक नेहमीच या भारत देशाचा नागरिक म्हणून वापर कर.”
आज संविधान संवाद कोर्स चा 3 रा दिवस आहे पण खरंच मला माझ्या आयुष्याचं गमक समजलं आणि मी एक शिबिरार्थी म्हणून मला खरंच एक गोष्ट नमूद करावीशी वाटते की,मी आज संविधान संवादक नाही पण माझं संविधान काय आहे आणि ते लोकांना समजावं यासाठी मला काय करता येईल,त्यासाठी मी नेहमी तत्पर राहीन.
आज देशामध्ये आलेल्या कोरोना महामारीमुळे प्रत्येकजण मृत्यूशी लढा देत आहे…निरोगी आहे तो पण आणि रुग्ण आहे तो पण.डॉक्टर त्यांचं काम करत आहेत ते कुठेच कमी नाहीत.पण आपले राजकीय पक्ष अजून ही एकमेकांच्या सोबत रहाण्याऐवजी खुर्ची मिळवण्याकरता भांडताना दिसत आहेत.वाईट ही वाटतं पण हसायला ही येतं कुठे तरी जेव्हा सोशल मीडिया वर प्रत्येकजण आपापल्या नेत्याकरता ठाम बाजू मांडत असतो.चुकीचा असला तरी माझाच लाल हे पटवून देत असतो.चुकीचं कोणी नाही…चूक माझी झाली मी माझ्या एका मताची किंमत ओळखत नव्हते अन्यथा आज माझे जवळचे ज्यांना मी गमावलं कधी ऑक्सिजन बेड मिळाला नाही म्हणून तर कधी इंजेक्शन उपलब्ध झालं नाही म्हणून….कधी हॉस्पिटल मध्ये स्फोट झाला म्हणून तर कधी ambulance वेळेत आली नाही म्हणून.मान्य आहे मला ह्या साऱ्या घटना हॉस्पिटल शी निगडित आहेत आणि तुम्हाला वाटेल याला डॉक्टर जबाबदार आहेत.पण खरंच आज या साऱ्या परिस्थितीला डॉक्टर जबाबदार असते तर आदर पूनावाला स्वतःचा देश सोडून दुसऱ्या देशात आश्रित म्हणून राहायला गेले नसते….पहिली लाट येऊन गेली दुसरीशी आपण लढतोय तोवर 3 री दारात च बेल पाशी दाराच्या उभी आहे.
मला कोणत्याही पक्षा बद्दल वाईट प्रचार करण्याची इच्छा नाही.फक्त एकच विनंती आहे माझ्या देशातल्या माझ्या बांधवांना की,” जर खरंच तुम्हाला अशा अडचणींना भविष्यात सामोरे जायचे नसेल आणि स्वतःच्या प्रियजनांना गमवायच नसेल,तर आपल्या विवेक बुध्दीचा वापर करून योग्य माणसाला मतदान करा ज्याला तुम्ही प्रश्न विचारू शकता…जो तुमच्या मदतीसाठी तुमच्या दारी सदैव तत्पर असेल ना की फक्त रणधुमाळी समयी फक्त… तुमचं मत हे नेहमी दान न समजता खरंच जन्मसिद्ध हक्क समजा.. झोपलेल्याला जागं करता येत पण सोंग घेणाऱ्याला नाही ही अवस्था खरंच करून घेऊ नका…विचार करा एकदा दूध भाजलं आहे आता ताक ही फुंकून प्यायची वेळ आहे…माझ्या एकट्याच्या मतानी काय फरक पडणार जाऊदे म्हणून दुर्लक्ष नका करू…फरक पडत होता काल ही आज ही पडतोय आणि भविष्यात ही घडून आलेले बदल तुम्हाला स्वतःला पाहायला मिळतील.
खरंच मित्रांनो ही बोलण्याची वेळ नाही पण इथून पुढे आपण जगलो,वाचलो या महामारी मधून तर नक्कीच
“विचार करा आणि मगच मतदान करा.”
स्वतःचा अधिकार असा कवडी मोलाचा समजू नका…🙏🏼🙏🏼

पत्र माझ्या छोट्या सोनपरीला🖋️

आज मी तुला ना उपदेश नाही देणार आहे,एक छोटीशी गोष्ट सांगणार आहे.
छोटीशी परी होती;अशीच न कळत माझ्या आयुष्यात आली होती.आई जाण्याचं दुःख पचवणं मला कठीण झालं होत,ती आल्यानंतर दुःख कमी नाही झालं पण कुठे तरी तिच्या सोबत हसून खेळून मन शांत होऊ लागलं होतं. मी कधी या वर विश्वास नव्हता ठेवला पूर्व जन्म वगैरे या संकल्पनांवर पण सारखं वाटायचं की काही तरी आमचा संबंध नक्की आहे पूर्व जन्माचा.
दोनच वर्षांची ओळख आहे पण आता आयुष्यभरासाठी ची सोबत कधी बनून गेली, माझ्यासाठी ती आणि तिच्यासाठी मी कधी बनून गेले समजलच नाही.तिला पण आणि मलापण.
नेहमी तिला हसताना पाहून आज मी माझा सारा थकवा घालवते.जास्त नाही जमत पण थोडं तरी आई बाबा नसल्याचं दुःख मी विसरून जाते.पण एक दिवस एवढ्या लवकर तिला ही या वेदनेतून जावं लागेल हे वाटलं नव्हतं.त्या छोट्या परीची मोठी परी.माझ्या हाती सोपवून तिला कायमची निघुन जाईल वाटलं नव्हतं.आज त्या छोटुल्या परीला मला सावरताना शब्द नाही मिळत आहेत.
तिचं सारं दुःख मला दूर करायचं आहे,पण सुरुवात कुठून करू काहीच नाही कळत आहे. आणि ती माझी परी कोण आहे माहीत आहे….तू….
मला माहित आहे किती झाले तरी मी तुझी आई होऊ नाही शकत,कारण आई आई असते. मी ही खुप रडते तिची आठवण आली की,पण कसं सांगू तुला तुझ्यासोबत दंगा घालून विसरून जाते.
माझी आई नेहमी मला सांगायची की सोबत नसले तरी जवळ राहील,कोणी जरी मायेने हात डोक्यावर फिरवला तर मी आहे समज.कोणाला दुखवू नको,मी समजून भांडू नको कारण मी लांब असेल दिसत नसले तरी तुझ्या मनात असेल….
हे मन खूप वाईट असतं स्वप्न आणि सत्य हे कधी समजून घेऊ देत नाही.आयुष्यात सगळेच सोडून जाण्यासाठी येतात,काही थोड्या वेळा करता तर काही कायमचे निघून जातात..मी खरं सांगू का???अजून खूप पावसाळे आपल्याला बघायचे आहेत…काही आपल्या कुटुंबातील सदस्यांसोबत तर काही एकटेच भिजून काढायचे आहेत,तुटलेली आयुष्याची घडी पुन्हा आपल्यालाच नीट करायची आहे…सॉरी सॉरी एकटी कधी नसशील काल आई होती, आज मी आहे उद्या दुसरं कोणी असेल…फरक फक्त एवढाच की आई ही आई आणि मी ही मी असेल…कोणाची तुलना कोणाशी करू नको…जे जे भेटले त्यांचं प्रेम गोळा कर आणि चेहऱ्यावरचा आनंद सर्वांना वाटत जा…तर तू जिंकली…
बाकी 10वी चा अभ्यास कर चांगले मार्कस मिळव ,मी नाही सांगणार बुवा तुला कारण माझी प्रिन्सेस खूप जास्त हुशार आहे आणि ती छान च मार्कस मिळवणार आहे.मला माझी ही गोड परी आयुष्याच्या परीक्षेत अव्वल नंबर नी पास झालेली पहायची आहे…आणि त्या करता लागणारी सगळी मदत मी करणार आहे….
त्यामुळे तयारी ला लाग या तात्पुरत्या 10वी च्या परिक्षे ला…कारण आयुष्याच्या परीक्षेला आपण दाखवून द्यायचं आहे की …तू किती ही कठीण पेपर काढला तरी मी तयार आहे टॉप करायला आणि पास व्हायला..Lots of love bachha…get well soon and stay positive…😘😘


Hello Friends,
I am very glad and excited to start this new venture.My self Deepali Kamble and my pen name is Rituparna basically I am private tutor and currently I am engaged in content writing.May be many of you must must not be knowing me,but I guess that is the Excitement to know each other through this platform.I am sure this will turn out to be a great experience.My motive behind this venture is to share my experiences,my thoughts on different aspects of our lives.Reading, writing,sharing my experiences with others always gives me an immense pleasure and I just want to channelise them into something fruitful and I hope that it will be useful for others too.In this journey of mine yours suggestions will be most welcome..
So friends we will meet in our next post to explore about everyone’s favourite topic and I am pretty sure that you all Will love it.Till then stay connected and take care of yourself.


 You came, you saw, you conquered and you ruled on our heart❤️.You just gave a midas touch to Indian cricket and you created a new image of it on international level. We are going to miss your match winning sixes,  cool desicions,all those match winning celebrations, that each ball you faced in  every cricket match and my most favourite helicopter shot. We were just hoping to see you more but your decision of retirement from international cricket has silenced us…THANK YOU SO MUCH MAHI💖💖🙏#007  for everything that you gave…We are really going to miss our captain cool…Indian cricket gonaa mis you so much mahi….lots of love…and best wishes for your next journey…😘😘😘😘😘💖💖💖💖💖❣️💐💐💐💐🍃☘️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌿🍀🌱