Way to Kerala….

It’s Oscar Wilde who said that ā€œ Live life with no excuses and travel with no regrets.ā€I still do remember that visit to Kerala.Me and my friends were not ready but once the plan is done,it is done. We have recently visited Kerala.We stayed at Kochi for a week and visited all sight’s.
Kerala is a state which is also known as one of the ten Paradises of the world.It is situated on the tropical Malabar coast of southwestern India.It is one of the most popular tourist destination in the country.We visited most of the beaches,hill stations,wild life sanctuaries,national parks, backwaters as well as heritage sites.
It was a wonderful experience.what a serene and unspoilt natural beauty it was!If you visit this place once you will definitely said, “What a paradise on earth Kerala is! In that trip we visited Kovalam beach.That was really thrilling experience.Ernakulam national park and wild life sanctuary at periyar were the most enjoyable places.We also visited padmnabhpuram heritage site.We enjoyed not only shopping but also learnt ayurveda an culture of Kerala.
I would say everyone must visit Kerala at least once in a lifetime.The natural beauty of Kerala has soothing effect on the eye and the mind.Yes,if you really want to soothing and pleasant experience then hurry up!!Fix the bag and visit Kerala.

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