Way to Kerala….

It’s Oscar Wilde who said that “ Live life with no excuses and travel with no regrets.”I still do remember that visit to Kerala.Me and my friends were not ready but once the plan is done,it is done. We have recently visited Kerala.We stayed at Kochi for a week and visited all sight’s.Kerala is aContinue reading “Way to Kerala….”

Way towards Melghat…

sometimes people get bored to read others travelogue, but I must say if you want to be happy and experience every bit of the moment then start living now…As it is said that, “Yesterday was a history, tomorrow is the mystery and today is the gift for all of us that’s why it is calledContinue reading “Way towards Melghat…”

Masai Plateau- a place which is surrounded by green shawl.

Are you looking for a place close to Kolhapur and want to fall in love with scenic beauties ? Masai-Pathar might just be the place for you. You could take a private vehicle or a bus to get there. Just 25km away from Kolhapur resides Masai-Pathar a plateau endowed with wonderful sceneries and majorly knownContinue reading “Masai Plateau- a place which is surrounded by green shawl.”

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