Way towards Melghat…

sometimes people get bored to read others travelogue, but I must say if you want to be happy and experience every bit of the moment then start living now…As it is said that, “Yesterday was a history, tomorrow is the mystery and today is the gift for all of us that’s why it is called present.” Unplanned trips are always best because planned trips never happens.Something like that happened to me in the last year’s Diwali vacation.It was unplanned trip.We had gone to Badnera for one of our friends marriage and in return journey we decided to visit Melghat Sanctuary. That was 110 kms journey from Badnera to Melghat. That was really a memorable experience for all of us.

Melghat Sanctuary is truly a significant tourist destination in Maharashtra.I must say it is really a traveller’s paradise. It is located in the Satpura hill ranges in Amravti district in Vidarbha.It is a wonderful mixture of narrow valleys;rugged hills and ups and downs.It is rich with biodiversity of Maharashtra.The river Tapi and it’s tributaries are so beautiful. In Melghat Sanctuary we spotted wild animals like sloth bear,jackal and many more.
Melghat is really a paradise on earth.The nature was so beautiful.We all were extremely happy as we got the chance to visit this paradise.I must say if you are truly a nature lover then Visit Melghat Sanctuary atleast once in a lifetime.Just listen to your heart and enjoy this enhancing experience..💖

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